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Team Member Profiles from the 2000 Nationals

Dave Basinger

Pat Ryan

Bill Mershon

Jack Gramley

Chas Bunch

Roger McClelland

Bob Lyon

Jerry McCauley

Mike Morrill

Brett Townley

Dave Basinger

Team functions: Team education & ettiquette

DOB: 16 July 64 Place of Birth: Hudson, Ma.

Education: BA in Comparitive US Studies. University of Washington 1994.

Employment: 7th Grade Math Teacher at Illahee Jr. High in Federal Way, Wa.

Status: Married (Patti) Children (Oscar the Cat).

Non-Skydiving Hobbies: Golf, Football (watching).

Jump History: 4000+ Jumps (2200 CRW). Chief Instructor/S&TA at Kapowsin Air Sports 1990-1996. Co-Organizer of Diamond Quest 1992 (37 way). Co-Engineer of Diamond Quest 1994 (46-way). Team Captain Team Infinity 1996. Team member of Team Infinity 1997.

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Pat Ryan

Current formation position: #2, 2nd row left wing (pin).

Team functions: Team co-captain (with Bob Lyon) and team treasurer

Date of Birth: June 26th 1964 Burnaby B.C. Can.

US. Citizen Aug. 96

Employment: Diesel Tech., Pacific Detroit Diesel/Allison Co. Kent Wa.

Marital status: Married (Kim) two kids (Brandy 11, Chas 3)

Skydiving: 1,400+ jumps, (1,200+ CRW) Been in competition since 95, never looked back. Have only done 2 free fall since starting competition CRW. Gold medal, Diamond Jamboree 95, 8 way Sequential, Gold medal US Nationals 96 8 way speed, Bronze medal 4 way Rotations, Overall Gold. Silver medal 8 way speed 97 US Nationals. Gold medal 8 way speed, Silver medal 4 way Rotations.

Hobbies: Family, Airplanes, Computers, Martial Arts

Greatest skydiving accomplishment: Being selected and participating as a member of the United States Parachute Team for the year 2000.

Licenses; B-15072, D-16589

Awards; Gold Wings-5134, Falcon-2788, Double Falcon-1482, Eagle-1352 4stack-4602, CCR-1954, CCS-1086, Night 4stack-953, NCCR-385, NCCS-214 Gold Medal 8Way speed, Silver Medal 4Way rotations 1999 Nationals.

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Bill Mershon

Age: 51 - DOB 12/30/56

Current formation position: #1, pilot. On Team Infinity since 1993.

Team functions: Team sage

Employment: Commercial Refrigeration Service Tech.

Marital status: Single

Skydiving history: Approximately 4500 jumps including 2500+ CRW jumps. First jump June 1976 (T-10's).

Skydiving accomplishments: Competition since 1993. Lots of trophies and memories, even some pictures. Diamond Quest 1994 world record (right side still rules).

Skydiving ratings: Had a lot of them but all have lapsed. NCCS#209.

Greatest skydiving memories: Member of the US Parachuting Team 2000, jumping from the MI-8 Helicopter in Finland and winning the Bronze Medal.

Non-skydiving interests: Is there really any time after work and competition skydiving?

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Jack Gramley

For interesting photos of Jack please click here.  Warning!  These photos are explicit and may contain images that are upsetting to some.

Current formation position: Any requiring only one arm.

Team functions: Waterboy

Age: 57

Employment:  Owner - Micro Computer Consulting, Inc. of Las Vegas

Marital status: Married (Linda) 5 kids by previous marriage, all grown, some skydivers.

Skydiving: 1,360 jumps (and jumping again on a limited basis), (550+ CRW). First skydive May 26th, 1995. Fourth year team member. FAA Senior Rigger. NCCS #222

Skydiving ratings/awards: USPA A/B/C/D license. POPS #5325. FAA Senior Rigger. Awards include: Falcon, Eagle, Gold Wings, CRW 4-stack, CCR, CCS, Night 4-stack, NCCR, NCCS #222.  Largest formation - 69-way RW at Kapowsin.

Most recent CRW accomplishment: US Nationals (1999) Gold Medalist - CRW 8-way speed.

Total Existence: Computers, skydiving and family, not necessarily in that order.

 E-mail Jack Gramley

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Chas Bunch

Current formation position: #6, 3rd row right wing

Team functions: Team curmudgeon

Age: 58

Employment: Model airplane builder/aviation historian

Marital status: Married to Jan.

Skydiving: First jump June 3, 1965 in Issaquah, WA. 7,200+ jumps, (3,700+ CRW). Organizer of Diamond Quest '92 (38-way World Record). Captain of Team Infinity 4-way team in 1993. Captain of Kapowsin CReW 8-way team in 1993. Organized first Diamond Jamboree in 1993. Participant in Diamond Quest '94 (46-way World Record). Participant in 1996 (current) World Record at Kassel-Calden Germany. Member of Team Infinity 1996 4-way team and 1997 8-way team.

Non-skydiving hobbies: Flying, skiing, hiking and reading.

E-mail Chas Bunch

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Roger McClelland

Current formation position: #8, left lockup

Team functions: Team chef

Marital status: Divorced

Skydiving: 1,900+ total jumps, mostly CRW jumps. First skydive 1988. USPA "D" license holder. Ratings: S/L, JM, NCCS #211, SCR #12,814, SCS #7424, CCS #970. 4 years competition experience with Team Infinity in 4-way rotation, 4-way sequential, and 8-way speed.

Skydiving history: 1992 - Participated in World Record 38 way CRW formation. Northwest Conference CRW championships: awarded gold in rotation, silver in sequential. 1993 - Competed in Skydive Arizona CRW challenge: Awarded gold in rotation and bronze in sequential. West Coast CRW challenge in Lodi, CA, Awarded silver in rotation and bronze in sequential. US national CRW championships in Deland, Florida: Competed in 4-way rotation, 4-way sequential, 8-way speed. 1994 - Participated in six Diamond Quest training camps for 1994 world record. 1995 - Frayed Knot Easter CRW challenge at Skydive Arizona: Awarded gold in sequential, silver in rotation. Northwest Conference CRW championship: Awarded gold in rotation. Diamond Jamboree 8-way sequential competition: Awarded gold. 1996 - Assisted in training Indonesian national Team for 1996 World CRW Meet. 1997 - Competitor at U.S. Nationals - 2nd Place, 8-way speed.

Bob Lyon

Current formation position: #5, 3rd row left wing

Team functions: Team co-captain (with Pat Ryan) and travel manager

Marital status: Married 17 years, two children

Skydiving: 600+ total jumps, 300 CRW jumps. First skydive 1995. USPA "D" license holder. Ratings: S/L JM, NCCS #224, NCCR #396, CCR #2032, CCS #1151, N4STA #994, 4STA #4857.

Skydiving history: First jump in August 1995. Largest CRW formation: 24-way, docking 16th. Competition: Silver Medal - 1996 Diamond Jamboree - Kapowsin, WA, Silver Medal - 1998 Memorial Day CRW Classic - Perris, CA.

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Jerry McCauley

Current formation position: #3 - Right wing

Team functions: Team enforcer

DOB: 18 April 1963 in Jacksonville, FL

Marital status: Married (The former Belinda Ute Muller) - two children (Son: Jerome "Romie" Peyton McCauley III, age 12) (Daughter: Hailey Ariana McCauley, age 2)

Employment: Enlisted in the United States Navy in 1980. Currently stationed at SEAL Team THREE in Coronado, CA.

Skydiving: 5,000+ total jumps, mostly CRW jumps.

Skydiving accomplishments: S/L, AFF, Tandem Instructor, AFF Evaluator, BIC Course Director, FAA Senior Rigger

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Mike Morrill

Current formation position: #7 - Right lockup

Team functions: Team EMT, rigger and stunt coordinator

Marital status: Single

Employment: EMT for American Medical response - previously worked as rig manufacturer for Northern Lite and Velocity Sports

Skydiving accomplishments: '96 Nationals Gold Medal 8-way speed, 97 Nationals Silver Medal 8-way speed, FAA Senior Rigger

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Brett Townley

Current formation position: #9 - Kick ass alternate/primary flyer

Marital status: Single, but damn near married to Penny!

Employment: Perris Valley Skydiving - Instructor & rigger

Skydiving accomplishments: Member of the Ghostriders, Gold medal rotations 96, Gold medal 8way speed 96 (West Coast Lightning CRW), Silver medal rotations 97, tandem master.

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